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The Cuemath Learning System

Workbooks that help strengthen fundamental Math concepts

Tab-based exercises that help strengthen aptitude and improve accuracy

Puzzle cards that help develop logical thinking and problem solving ability

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With our immersive Learning System we help children develop math ability for life through learning of Concepts, Aptitude and Reasoning.

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Math Box that help children visualize and learn concepts

Each one-hour Cuemath session covers the following aspects of math learning:

Kshiti just loves Cuemath and the puzzle cards are her favourite.

The first thing she does after coming back from her class is solve the puzzle card with us. I never thought that she would enjoy math classes so much.

Ajay Badardinni
Kshiti's father (1st grade)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cuemath program runs through the year and caters to students in every grade from K through 8. Each Cuemath student attends three 1-hour sessions a week. But given the flexibility of our program, it adapts itself to the student's pace rather than moulding the student to fit its predetermined boundaries.

What is the duration of the program?

How many students are there in a Cuemath session?

There are at most 6 students in a group. It is our wish to ensure that every one of our students is able to ask for and get personal attention.

Does Cuemath provide any assessments to the students?

Yes, periodic assessments are part of the program. However, the intention of these assessments is not simply to "pass" or "fail" students, but rather to give the teacher enough information to help guide the student's learning. Additionally, all progress reports are shared with the parents who are encouraged to approach the teacher with their questions or suggestions.

How is Cuemath different from home based tuitions?

We wish to emphasize that Cuemath is not a tuition. Instead, it is an (after-school) math-learning programme. In consequence, while home-based tuitions focus primarily on the school syllabus (or syllabi) and preparing students for their tests and exams, Cuemath's eye is fixed firmly on the long-term holistic development of a child's mathematical ability.

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Building strong math foundation for lifelong success

Cuemath Teachers

With passion and dedication, Cuemath teachers help build a strong math foundation among children.

Carefully Selected

Only one in a hundred aspiring applicants get selected to become a Cuemath teacher. Each applicant is tested on their Math Aptitude, communication skills and motivation to become a teacher.

Rigorously Trained

The selected teachers undergo a rigorous certification program where they are trained on delivering the Cuemath Learning System efficiently.

Continuously Upskilled

Our teachers continuously upskill themselves on higher level math concepts, children's learning psychology etc. This is building them into becoming the best educators in the country.

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